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Wedding Hairstyles

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Find The Perfect Hair ‘Do For Your Perfect “I Do”

I’m sure all you ladies out there will agree with us when we say that weddings are a demanding time for any bride-to-be. Before the big “I do”, the average bride will spend 18 months worrying about finding The Dress, choosing the perfect hairstyle, sending out invites and arranging seating plans, and is then expected to float down the aisle looking stress-free and serene.

Not an easy task!

Luckily, we’re on hand to make sure that your hair will be one less thing to worry about on the big day, even if your brain is going into meltdown underneath that oh-so-chic chignon.

Your first hair mission before the nuptials is to give your colour a boost! If you are going for a new hair colour you should do this at least six months before the wedding to make sure you are happy with the shade and practiced in home hair colouring well in advance. You should touch up your colour and have a trim two weeks before the big day. Finding the right shade to suit your skin tone is key for giving you that radiant, bridal glow, and Schwarzkopf Palette’s colour expert Anita Cox-McMillan has some great advice on choosing your colour in this video

Ensure that you use the specifically-designed conditioner supplied in each Schwarzkopf home hair dye pack to keep your hair colour looking nourished, rich and extra glossy. Now that your colour is looking fab, all that is left to do is decide on a hairstyle. From Romantic Waves and Half-Up/Half-Down looks to Classic Chignons, there is a style to suit every hair type and every bride. Here are some of our favourites

How To Create Romantic Waves

  1. Apply Supersoft Fixing Mousse to towel-dried hair and then blow-dry with a round brush until smooth
  2. Take an inch section of hair, lightly spritz with hairspray and then wrap around the barrel of a curling tongue
  3. Hold in place for few seconds then gently unwrap to create a loose, natural curl
  4. Repeat until hair is curled all over, then gently separate the waves with your fingers
  5. Lightly mist with hairspray to keep the look in place throughout the service and the reception

How To Create A Classic Chignon

  1. Using a paddle brush, smooth your hair into a side parting and bring backwards towards the nape of your neck
  2. Gather the hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair band
  3. Twist hair tightly and then gently wind it around the base of the ponytail, securing with pins and grips as you go
  4. Tuck the end of the ponytail underneath the chignon and secure with another grip
  5. For a looser look, gently tease out small strands of hair then lightly mist with hairspray to hold the look
  6. Give your style a little something extra by adding hairpins, vintage brooches or silk flowers to complete your look. Now all you have to do is say “I Do”!