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Salon Style Dip Dye And More

Posted in Hair

Recently, more and more A-listers have been spotted sporting the new hair colour trend for dip-dyed roots. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a trend for sun-kissed blonde hair and darker roots, but industry insiders have revealed another reason why these celebs might be opting for this look..GREY HAIR!

Whether they’re catwalk queens or Hollywood starlets, looking youthful is more important that ever for these blonde bombshells, especially with a never-ending stream of hot young things breaking into the industry and trying to steal the limelight from them. Grey roots don’t exactly scream eternal youth, so blondes are now disguising them with ‘fake’ brunette regrowth. Sneaky!

Thinking of disguising your own grey hair by recreating this look? Go blonde with LIVE Salon Style Light Blonde and then cover any silver strands of regrowth by gently brushing LIVE Salon Style Light Brown into your roots, especially in your parting.

New Year, New You!

“This year I’m going to get fit, eat healthily and completely change my look!”

How many of us have uttered these words on January 1st, or scribbled down a list of New Year’s resolutions in our diaries, determined that THIS YEAR will be the one that we keep them? We all do it, but by the middle of January most of us will be throwing our running shoes to the back of the wardrobe and grabbing a bar of chocolate instead.

The problem is that we give ourselves too many targets to achieve; most involving dramatic changes to the way we look or live. The key to keeping a New Year’s resolution is to have small goals. Your confidence will be boosted when you do achieve them, and sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can have the biggest impact.

If you want to reinvent yourself for 2011, a simple change of hair colour can make all the difference! 2010 was the year of the redhead, but 2011 will see glossy blacks, deep plums and caramel tones leading the way. LIVE Color XXL has introduced three gorgeous new shades to their collection, with Max Blonde, Rich Caramel and Plum Perfection making their 2011 debut. If you’re looking for a sultry colour with unbeatable shine, then try the new Palette Dark Gloss collection. These three new striking shades will add a touch of glam and mystery to your look, so ladies looking for a bit of gothic glamour can choose from the decadent Velvet Brown, tempting Blue Black or the lustrous Black Violet.

Will you be updating your hair colour this year? Leave us a comment and let us know which shade you’ve chosen