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Hair Straightening Treatment

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Hair straightening treatment can make your hair really straight and smooth. The effects of some hair straightening treatments can last for several months, while others can give permanently straight hair. Read on to find out some popular hair straightening treatments.

Straight and smooth hair always looks glamorous and fascinating. However, everyone is not blessed with this type of hair. But, with the emergence of several hair styling and hair straightening products, it is now possible to get that straight hair quite easily. Some products like flat irons or hair straighteners can help to get rid of frizz and curls only temporarily.

Hair straightening treatment can however give a more permanent result that can last for several months and sometimes even years. The hair straightening treatments that have gained widespread popularity in this regard are, Brazilian hair straightening treatment and Japanese hair straightening treatment. So, let’s take a brief look at these popular methods of hair straightening.

Brazilian Hair straightening Treatment

Brazilian hair straightening treatment is more commonly known as Brazilian keratin hair treatment, as the method relies on keratin to smoothen and straighten curly and frizzy hair. Keratin is the naturally occurring protein found in hair, nails and skin. In Brazilian hair straightening treatment, keratin is infused in the hair cuticle with the help of formaldehyde, in order to give the hair a straight look. Before infusing keratin, the hair is washed, dried and divided into several sections. The keratin solution is then applied to each section thoroughly, so that every hair strand is covered with it. Then a flat iron is used several times to straighten the hair strands, which in turn helps to infuse keratin solution into the hair cuticle. After about 72 hours, hair is washed again with a sodium free shampoo and then conditioned.

This process does not bring about any change in the internal hair structure or bond. But, it helps to smooth out the curls and repair any damage of the hair cuticle, as keratin is the natural protein found in hair. The result however, lasts for about 2 to 3 months. But, hair treated in this way stays soft and healthy for a long time. However, this hair treatment uses a small percentage of formaldehyde, which raises certain health concerns. Though many are of the opinion that such a small percentage of formaldehyde may not pose any serious health hazard, people highly sensitive to formaldehyde should better talk to an expert or professional before going for this hair treatment. Read more on Brazilian keratin treatment and keratin hair straightening treatment.

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Hair Straightening Treatment 199×300 Hair Straightening Treatment
Japanese hair straightening, also commonly known as thermal reconditioning is a hair treatment that can make hair permanently straight and smooth, by changing the chemical bonds of hair. The process relies on chemicals and application of heat to bring about a change in hair’s chemical bonds. The result is permanent and only the new growth needs to be treated in subsequent period. First, hair is washed with a sodium free pre-treatment shampoo, after which a chemical solution is applied to the hair strands, which changes the hair structure. After some time, hair is rinsed, blow-dried and then divided into several sections. Each section is properly straightened with the help of a flat iron, after which another solution is applied on hair. Finally, the hair is rinsed again and then straightened with a flat iron. The whole procedure can take several hours, but the end result will be completely straight and smooth hair. The downside of the procedure is that hair may become so straight that it can look a bit stiff, while some people can experience hair fall and hair dryness following the treatment.