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Hair Straightening Cream

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People who wish for smoothing out their unruly and frizzy hair should use hair straightening cream. There are fundamentally two types of straightening cream. They are chemical straightening products, and the temporary hair straightening creams. A chemical straightening product can keep your curly hair straight and frizz free for a period of more than a few months. Alternatively, temporary straightening products will work only for a single day, and then they have to be reapplied.

How to choose hair straightening cream?

When you go out shopping for a hair straightening cream, you should keep in mind your hair thickness, roughness, and amount of frizz that your hair have, and then accordingly choose a cream. If your hair have a slight wave or frizz, then you only need a simple hair straightening cream, which can be applied on daily basis, but for tight curls and severe frizz, chemical straightener will help.

Advantages and shortcomings of hair straightening cream

They are also known as hair relaxers, and have advantages and shortcomings at the same time. The chemical ones have a long lasting effect, but can lead to harm due to the strong chemicals use. Generally, it is recommended to have it done by a professional stylist. Thin hair is dry and more prone to damage after excessive use.

Using creams with chemicals calls for an elaborate procedure. It includes applying a petroleum based protective cream over the hair, then the relaxant is applied to smooth out the hair, and finally a moisturizing lotion to balance the PH of hair is used. Conditioning is also done to protect the hair. One method of reducing hair damage is only to use hair-straightening cream on the roots. Moreover, the chemical relaxants should not be used over previously straightened hair.

Hair Straightening Cream 240×300 Hair Straightening Cream

Temporary hair­-straightening creams definitely have an advantage that they are less prone to damaging hair. They are also easily available in the market, and no professional skill is required to apply them. Furthermore, their affects can easily be reversed by stopping the use of the product whereas a chemical straightener may take months to wash off. Therefore, a professional stylist is skilled enough to analyze your hair and decide whether to recommend chemical hair straightening cream, or simply suggest some other products.

Before applying hair straightening cream

Before applying hair straightening cream, a few points must be kept in mind. First, your hair should be clean. Then take a small amount of the cream and apply it on your hair tips. Later, brush your hair with fingertips to distribute the cream evenly. Then, section your hair in three different parts and blow dry them using a round brush.

Now after applying the straightening cream, the curls and frizz will smooth out easily. The round brush will help to attain a smoother appearance. Work with one section at a time, beginning with the bottom layer and going upwards gradually.

Smooth, shiny, and silky straight hair suits just every girl. What started out with Jennifer Aniston, who introduced sleek dead hair is now in vogue for everyone. Why not you then? Make sure you get a hair straightening cream, so you can also look at your best.