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Hair Dye Horror Stories

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‘Fess up, we’ve all been there. Sat in the hairdresser’s chair cringing as they begin chopping away a good two inches above the length you’d agreed. Or in the bathroom rinsing off your hair dye only to realise that getting from black to blonde is going to be trickier than you thought.

Recently, we asked our lovely Twitter followers and Facebook friends to share their hair disasters with us. Here are some of our favourites that had us laughing and cringing at the same time!

Dyed hair blue/black. Everyone staring. Thought I must look cool. No! Had blue slodges on my back. Evry1 thought I was bruised!

The stylist picked up the clippers without checking and took a massive chunk from recession to the crown

I had dyed my hair red and my friend was trying to help me go blonde. She turned it orange and yellow it was mess! I didn’t have any more money to buy hair dye and I was too scared to show my mum so hid it with a hat. Little did I know it was my school photo that day

I asked for a soft perm. As the stylist unwrapped my hair, she said, “It’s taken rather, erm, WELL. We sell Afro combs.”

I once let my friends dye my hair before a big night out and ended up having to go out with a blue rinse-esqe do! Awful!


I let my friend do a home perm on my hair once…. first and last time.. enough said


I spent a whole w/end colouring my hair from black 2 blonde, went ginger, then green. After 7 attempts I went black again!


A friend’s 6yr daughter decided to cut my fringe when I was asleep , I looked like Herman Munster 🙂

Rebecca Ann

Oh my gosh I have had sooo many disasters!!
I dyed my hair black back in high school and it went BLUE! Not just a tint of blue it was just there, bright blue! I also did myself some highlights with a cap and it bled so it looked like I had tiger stripes, I was so embarrassed to go into work the next day!

Vicki Macdonald

My sister & I thought it would be a good idea to have blonde streaks, so we decided to do it at home… We’re both naturally dark brown and looked like our grannys with grey hair, we spent an hour laughing at one another & then dyed our hair back to its original colour, needless to say we’ve never gone down the blonde route again, except with a wig 🙂
At Schwarzkopf Colour Towers we’ve had bad experiences with Sun In and dodgy fringes in the past, but luckily we know better now! Skin sensitivity tests and strand tests are crucial for happy hair colour results, and don’t be afraid to tell your hairdresser if you don’t like the cut they’ve given you.

Have you got any hair horror stories to share?